Adjudicate Caption

The purpose of this task is to determine as Correct or Incorrect the results of a previous task to transcribe the Caption displayed on an image. The Caption is highlighted in Red in the Examples below.

Select Correct if the Caption has been transcribed correctly

Select Incorrect if the Caption has not been transcribed correctly

Select This image is invalid if there is no Caption on the info card.

You may come across a variety of info cards here are some examples 


It is important that you understand what was asked in the task you are voting on please review the instructions below.


To save yourself time and effort please note the following
  • Do NOT transcribe photographer name. 
  • Do NOT transcribe photograph date.
  • Do NOT transcribe order number or scanner number
  • Do NOT transcribe irrelevant information. The caption should make sense.

  • Some captions may be handwritten, make sure what you transcribe makes sense, it may be just a name.
  • If the caption presented to you is in the form of an Article only transcribe the first and/or second paragraphs in addition to any headline titl
  • If the caption presented to you is in the form of a Media Release or Photo Release only transcribe the first and/or second paragraphs in addition to any headline title
  • If you spot a spelling mistake please try to correct it, however you will not have work rejected if you fail to spot a spelling mistake and enter words as seen.
We recommend using Chrome, Firefox and Safari Browsers. We do not recommend using IE Browser.

Please Please take time to view the example images below  

 Info Card ImageCaption to be entered 
 From left: Honorary co-chairmen Jonathan and Sarah Baum with Jonathan's father, Kenneth Baum, and Mary Mira at a 20th anniversary observance for Network Rehabilitative Services for people with Mental Illness
 Sharon Scherer of Olathe, a former U.S. Treasury Department employee, has started her own human-resources consulting business, Concept Consulting Systems.
 NO Caption