Adjudicate Photographer

The Purpose of this task is to verify the results of a previous task to select the Photographer Name from the Image provided. Look at the examples highlighted in red below to understand where the information has come from.

The Photographer name is always displayed Top right of the image as highlighted in red in the examples below. It will commonly just have a surname but will be displayed with a full name.

Select Correct if the Photographer has been transcribed correctly

Select Incorrect if the Photographer has not been transcribed correctly

Select This image is invalid if there is no Photographer available.

It is important that you understand the instructions given for the previous task

Tag Tips

  • Names are handwritten pay particular attention to confusing characters that may be hard to read e.g. a U mistaken for a V
 Photographer Name = Vince Caligiuri
 Photographer Name = Joe Armao
 Photographer Name = Angela Wylie