Compose a 1 - 3 Word Title

The Objective of this task is to create a short summary description from the information provided.

You should aim to create this summary within one to three words.

TAG Tips:
  • If there is just a name of a person in the Text field please use that, ensuring it is composed as first name first followed by last name. Reagan, Ronald = Ronald Reagan
  • Please Capitalise Each Entry . WE DO NOT WANT UPPERCASE ENTRIES
  • The Title should make sense.
  • You should use both the Caption and the Image Name Field to determine what the Title should be.
  • Be aware that the letter X is used at the beginning of the Image Name entry we do not need this in the Title

We recommend using Chrome, Firefox and Safari Browsers. We do not recommend using IE Browser.

Examples of Composing a Title

You will be presented with an image as below.
There is no information to create a meaningful title.

Please Title examples like this

 Sharon Scherer
 Mental Illness

Familiarise yourself with the Toolbox and keyboard shortcuts

YouTube Video

Feedback Instructions

Please feel free to give feedback - please email [email protected]

Feedback could be along the lines of the following.

How well did you understand the instructions? Did they make sense to you? 

Would you prefer video instructions or text instructions, or a combination of the both?

Did you experience and technical problems while doing the task? Images slow to load etc.

At what price would you expect this task to offered in the marketplace?

Any other thoughts or observations?