Compose a Title

The Objective of this task is to create a short summary description from the information provided. 

TAG Tips:
If there is just a name of a person in the Text field please use that, ensuring it is composed as first name first followed by last name. Rather than Last name first and then First Name.

Please Capitalise Each Entry . WE DO NOT WANT UPPERCASE ENTRIES

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Examples of Composing a Title

You will be presented with an image as below 

Captain Richard Pierce of the Fresno County Sheriff's Department in Fresno is currently running with no opposition, for the position of Fresno County Sheriff.

In this example the Title = Captain Pierce Election

Edison's Tonesha Yancey is all concentration as she levitates over Santana's KathyTran for an easy two in Adison's stomp over Santana.

Title =  Edison Girls Basketball

HOW did I get this title.

An easy two refers to Basketball points

In the image the beginning of the caption and the slug reads SPT TAO EDISON GIRLS 

SPT = SPORT, TAO refers to photographer Tomas Ovalle and EDISONGIRLS explains the what the shoot is of i.e. Edison Girls

Putting that into a coherent sentence produces,  Edison Girls Basketball.


"Patricia Alvarado (cq), right, an eligibility worker with the Fresno County Welfare Department scoots forward during a phone call as fellow office worker Conselo Gonzales (cq) squeezes by on the way to her desk. The two are among about 100 workers crowded into small work areas on the second floor of the complex's main building where employees are in a constant state of movement."

In this example we look at the Slug and the start of the caption in the image.


Title of this image should be, Office Crowding


David Jackson, candidate for the 31st Assembly District Seat.

In this example we would simply take the text as is

Title = David Jackson Candidate



"Antony Baca and Jim McGuire of Tamez Security Patrol check a vehicle parked near a vineyard"

Title = Farm Security Firms

Although it is not written in the previously transcribed text this is what the story is about, it not about Antony Baca and Jim McGuire  or Tamez Security Patrol the story is about Farm Security Firms.

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