Count People

Count the number of people that are CLEARLY VISIBLE in the image. The people count options are:

No People
Photo that contains no people

1 Person
Photo that contains 1 person
2 People
Photo that contains 2 people

3 People
Photo that contains 3 people

4 People
Photo that contains 4 people

Group of People
Photo that contains 5 or more people

Human Likeness
Photo contains a drawing, painting, statue, or other image of a human or a person - but not an actual living human being. This includes religious statues or ornaments, figurines, mannequins, dolls or toys, characters or cartoons, etc.

Implied Person
Photo in which an actual living, person is not visible in the image - but a human presences is indicated some other way - for example: the shadow of a person, some form of transportation in motion (car, plane, etc.) where only a human could be operating it, or silhouettes

Person in Background
Photo in which there is one or more people far in the distant background, that are clearly not the subject or focus of the image
    An Image of a Crowd Crowd
Photo depicts a group of people that is practically uncountable.