Conceptual Tagging

Choose at least 2, and up to 3 words you feel express the main themes or concepts of the image.  You can type into the window and available choices will be presented to you from a vocabulary. Please choose from among the choices offered:

These may include:  topical issues such as global warming or drug addiction, emotions such as disappointment or anger, or ideas such as inspiration, temptation, or progress.    

Take every aspect of the image into account, including the surroundings, the objects, the colors, the people, what they are wearing, and their behavior.  Think about how the parts come together to form the whole.  What is it about?  What story do you think the artist was trying to tell?  What is the mood or the meaning of the image?  Try to think both literally and symbolically.  

Please be as specific as you can.

Unknown user,
Jun 16, 2015, 10:04 AM