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DATG Creative Genome: Taxonomy Glossary

*Please be advised that the vocabulary set to refer to for tagging is located under the "Term" column on this chart                          

Category Term Definition Notes
This column includes higher levels of hierarchy providing an organizing function for applicable terms Character Archetypes Common roles, functions and behaviors for characters in stories Character archetypes are defined on a storyline basis; characters can fill different archetypical functions in different storylines 
  The Caregiver/Parent Character who protects, cares for and helps others  
  The Contagonist/Temptor Character who tempts the protagonist and/or interferes with or delays the protagonist's quest  
  The Creator/Magician/Visionary/Healer Character who helps make miraculous things happen or dreams and visions come true in a way that surpasses expectations, typically in furtherance of the protagonist's quest  
  The Explorer/Action Instigator Character who instigates action by seeking a place or reality other than the one he/she is currently within  
  The Guardian/Mentor/Teacher/Sage Character who serves as a guide and source of knowledge for the protagonist  
  The Hero/Protagonist Central story figure who embarks upon some quest, journey or process that is the basis for action in a given storyline Not necessarily the narrator or character from whose perspective the story is told
  The Imposter/False Hero Character who tries to take credit for the work the hero does and often competes with the hero Common behavior of imposter would be courting the hero's love interest by misrepresenting himself or the hero
  The Information Bearer Character who exists mainly to provide, leak or communicate information  
  The Innocent/Child Character who is naïve and/or pure compared to other characters in the story and/or is targeted as a victim, frequently as part of the antagonist's efforts to counter the protagonist  
  The Jester/Trickster Character who engages in comedy and/or mischief, often subverting things that other characters take seriously  
  The Love Interest/Quest Object Character whom the protagonist is seeking or trying to please, either romantically or for another reason  
  The Opposer/Skeptic Character who opposes or contradicts the protagonist  
  The Orphan/Regular Guy or Gal Character who is realistic, everyday and identifiable  
  The Rebel/Outsider Character who contradicts the existing order or status quo  
  The Ruler/Authority Character who desires and/or establishes power, control and order  
  The Shapeshifter/Flip-Flopping Character Character who is continually shifting between good and evil; sometimes will be a friend or romatic interest of the protagonist who goes back and forth from being a positive and negative force  
  The Sidekick/Helper Character who faithfully supports the protagonist or antagonist  
  The Villain/Antagonist Character who is the enemy and opposite of the protagonist, who works to deflect the protagonist from his or her goal  
  Motivations Things that characters desire or seek which are typically the driving force behind the action in a story  
Interpersonal Belonging/Acceptance To be accepted and liked by other people in a group or society  
Interpersonal Comraderie/Friendship To have a relationship of mutual platonic affection between two or more people; a stronger interpersonal bond than just belonging  
Interpersonal Family To find, maintain or protect a group of people who are related by blood, adoption or marriage  
Interpersonal Love/Romance To find, maintain or rekindle an expressive and pleasurable feeling from an emotional (and often physical) attraction towards another person  
None N/A    
Personal Ambition/Achievement To attain a concrete objective, typically requiring effort, hard work or resolve (frequently, but not always, will refer to professional goals)  
Personal Excitement/Fun/Thrill-seeking/Pleasure To have experiences that are exciting, amusing, indulging or gratifying; mostly egocentric in nature  
Personal Fame/Recognition To be known or recognized by many people or the general public  
Personal Freedom/Independence To be free from outside control or support (both mentally and/or physically)  
Personal Happiness To be in a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy  
Personal Maturation/Growth To personally develop to a desired level or state  
Personal Power/Control To obtain the ability or right to control an individual or group of people/things  
Personal Redemption/Forgiveness To obtain pardon or absolution for an offense, flaw or mistake  
Personal Validation/Approval To achieve admiration, respect or praise from a particular person or group   
Personal Wealth/Riches To obtain a great abundance of money or valuable possessions  
Security Employment/Income To get a job, steady form of income, or reasonably sized windfall of money in order to secure financial stability or self-esteem  
Security Health/Well-being To achieve a state of being free from illness, injury or physical pain  
Security Home To obtain or maintain a stable, comfortable and safe place to live  
Security Survival/Safety To continue to live or exist; or to escape or avoid forces likely to cause personal danger or injury  
Transcendent Altruism/Philanthropy To promote the welfare of others without regard for one's own self-interest  
Transcendent Honor/Duty To fulfil a moral, filial or legal obligation; keep an agreement  
Transcendent Justice/Fairness To ensure that oneself or others receive just/fair treatment; or that people receive punishments or accolades that are free from discrimination, bias or misinformation  
Transcendent Morality/Ethics To ensure that oneself or others adhere correctly to principles concerning the distrinction between right and wrong behavior  
Transcendent Peace To obtain or maintain societal, political or international tranquility  
Transcendent Self-expression/Communication To express one's feelings, thoughts, or ideas and have them be understood or appreciated, either through traditional conversation or through other forms like writing, art, music or dance.  
Transcendent Wisdom/Knowledge/Enlightenment/Truth To gain  experience, knowledge, learning or good judgement that can be used to better understand the world or make better decisions  
  Episode Ending/Cliffhanger Based on final scene or scenes of episode, defines whether or not audience is left hanging with a major mystery unsolved This will typically link to a particular storyline as well as to an event responsible for raising the question or mystery that is left open at the end of the episode
  Cliffhanger: Yes End of episode leaves a major question of emotional significance to one or more characters unanswered  
  Cliffhanger: No End of episode does not leave a major question of emotional significance to one or more characters unanswered  
  Story Archetypes Common plot mechanisms used to drive the plot progression in a
This will typically be tagged on an episodic basis and linked to storyline; some story archetypes will span multiple episodes while some will be contained to a single episode
Man vs. Man Family Conflict: Abandonment Character is abandoned by parents or similar crucial figures  
Man vs. Man Family Conflict: Dissolution or Estrangement Disruption of a nuclear family, due to divorce, separation, estrangement, etc.  
Man vs. Man Family Conflict: Embarrassing Parents Character is embarrassed by parents or parental figures  
Man vs. Man Family Conflict: Following in footsteps A character either follows the path his/her predecessors took or feels pressure to do so  
Man vs. Man Family Conflict: Gold-digging Character engages in romantic and/or physical relations with a partner to mooch off of the partner's money and/or status  
Man vs. Man Family Conflict: New spouse Plot is driven by a marriage between two characters which incites family conflict  
Man vs. Man Family Conflict: Other Any other plot device or story pattern involving a family conflict  
Man vs. Man Family Conflict: Parental favoritism / Sibling rivalry One child is given preference over his/her siblings  
Man vs. Man Family Conflict: Seeking approval from parental figure A character seeks approval from his/her father (or father figure)  
Man vs. Man Family Conflict: Wayward child A character leaves home and/or behaves recklessly, frequently making a repentant return  
Man vs. Nature Health: Other Any other plot device or story pattern involving a character's well-being or health  
Man vs. Nature Health: Sickness/Disease Plot is driven by a character's physical or mental illness  
Man vs. Self Health: Struggling with Addiction A character struggles to overcome addiction  
Man vs. Self Health: Work/Life Imbalance Imbalance between work and personal life causes conflict for a character or group  
Man vs. Self Mourning: Destructive Behavior A frustrated or depressed character resorts to damaging behavior such as binging, drowning sorrows in alcohol, etc. in pursuit of temporary relief and/or to vent his/her angst  
Man vs. Man Mourning: On the rebound After going through a breakup, a character very quickly jumps into a new relationship or dalliances  
Man vs. Self Mourning: Other Any other plot device or story pattern involving a character's reaction to the loss of a person, place or thing  
Man vs. Man Mourning: Revenge A plot is driven by a character's desire for revenge  
None N/A N/A  
Man vs. Self Perception: Character accidentally acts against type Character behaves uncharacteristically due to misperceiving the situation; can often lead hero(es) to accidentally cause evil or villain(s) to accidentally cause good  
Man vs. Man Perception: Character intentionally acts against type for purposes of subterfuge or deceit Character behaves uncharacteristically in order to confuse, mislead or thwart observers; can often lead hero(es) to perform actions that appear to cause evil or villain(s) to perform actions that appear to cause good  
Man vs. Man Perception: Generation Gap Differences in outlook or opinion between people of different generations create conflict  
Man vs. Self Perception: Hubris Character demonstrates excessive pride or self-confidence, and/or oversteps the bounds within which he/she is expected to operate, and suffers the consequences  
Man vs. Man Perception: Opposite characters learn they have something in common Characters who thought that they were fundamentally at odds discover some previously unknown mutual interest  
Man vs. Self Perception: Other Any other plot device or story pattern involving a discrepancy or shift in perspective for one or more characters  
Man vs. Self Perception: Pyrrhic victory A plot results in victory for character(s) but with such a devastating cost that it is tantamount to defeat  
Man vs. Man Pregnancy: Concealed Pregnancy Character hides her pregnancy from one or more other characters  
Man vs. Man Pregnancy: Other Any other plot device or story pattern involving pregnancy  
Man vs. Man Pregnancy: Uncertain paternity The father of a child is unaware or uncertain of his paternity  
Man vs. Man Pregnancy: Unintended parenthood A character or characters become pregnant unintentionally and are thrust into parenthood  
Man vs. Man Rivalry: Betrayal Character betrays his or her allies (can apply to both heroic and villainous characters)  
Man vs. Man Rivalry: Other Any other plot device or story pattern involving competition or antagonism between characters or groups of characters  
Man vs. Man Rivalry: Professional Two or more characters have an individual rivalry related to their profession  
Man vs. Man Rivalry: Starting opposing organization A character becomes disgruntled with the way a group is run and decides to start his/her own "superior" organization  
Man vs. Man Rivalry: Uneasy Alliance/Enemies or opposites must work together Two characters who don't usually trust/like each other form an alliance to achieve a common objective or defeat a mutual enemy  
Man vs. Man Romance: Affair Character commits adultery or infidelity  
Man vs. Man Romance: Disintegration of a relationship Events or actions take place that degrade (or further degrade) a romantic relationship   
Man vs. Man Romance: Forbidden Love Characters fall in love despite social, corporate, cultural and/or familial codes/laws/customs that dictate otherwise  
Man vs. Man Romance: Love triangle (or other shape) Any love story that involves more than two characters with unbalanced romantic interests for one another  
Man vs. Man Romance: Matchmaking A matchmaker attempts to facilitate a romantic connection between two characters  
Man vs. Man Romance: Moment is killed The possibility of a significant or meaningful occurrence in a relationship is ruined by some unwelcome or unexpected interruption  
Man vs. Man Romance: New Love The challenges and joy of a newly discovered love or relationship drive plot  
Man vs. Man Romance: Other Any other plot device or story pattern involving romantic relationships between one or more characters  
Man vs. Self Romance: Reformed Lothario (Womanizer) A formerly promiscuous character attempts to settle down in a monogamous relationship  
Man vs. Man Romance: Relationship sabotage A character tries to ruin someone else's romantic relationship  
Man vs. Man Romance: Scorned Lover A character behaves vindictively when they are dumped or have his/her romantic overtures rejected  
Man vs. Man Romance: Stalker A person harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive romantic attention Often gain greater understanding of each other's challenges
Man vs. Man Romance: Star-crossed Lovers Two lovers are destined to be kept apart no matter how hard they struggle to be together This is often, but not always, because the characters come from feuding families
Man vs. Man Romance: Unrequited Love One character's affection is not openly reciprocated and/or understood as such by another character Oftentimes the interested character goes to great lengths to show how much they love the other character
Man vs. Society Search: Criminal Investigation A formal criminal investigation drives plot  
Man vs. Man Search: Kidnapping Plot Plot revolves around the execution, unraveling, solving or foiling of a kidnapping  
Man vs. Self Search: Other Any other plot device or story pattern involving a character or characters looking for or seeking something (concrete and/or abstract)  
Man vs. Self Search: Quest Character searches for and possibly finds a person, place or object that is lost or forgotten  
Man vs. Man Search: Sleuthing/Snooping A unofficial investigation, typically into personal matters, drives plot  
Man vs. Nature Search: Time travel Time travel drives plot  
Man vs. Man Social: Battle of the Sexes Characters of distinct genders conflict or disagree  
Man vs. Society Social: Class warfare Characters from distinct social classes conflict or disagree  
Man vs. Man Social: Exclusive Social Group A group has a tight and/or limited social circle with its own norms; typically restricted entry/membership drives plot This archetype often involves conflicts where a new character attempts to become part of the group and change their routines
Man vs. Man Social: Fish Out of Water A character is placed in a situation completely unfamiliar to him/her; humor and/or tension typically ensues as the character adapts--or doesn't  
Man vs. Man Social: Other Any other plot device or story pattern involving inclusion in a social group  
Man vs. Man Social: Seeking approval A character seeks approval from another character, group of characters or institution  
Man vs. Man Social: The "New Kid" A character enters a new job/school/world and typically needs to "prove" him or herself to a new group of peers  
Man vs. Man Survival: Man vs. Man Character trying to survive threats from other human-beings drives plot  
Man vs. Nature Survival: Man vs. Nature Character trying to survive threats from natural phenomena drives plot  
Man vs. Nature Survival: Other Any other plot device or story pattern involving challenges to the safety or security of characters  
Man vs. Nature Survival: Self-sacrifice A character incurs harm to prevent harm from befalling another character (or characters)  
Man vs. Nature Survival: The Apocalypse The end of the world drives the story  
Man vs. Man Transformation: Adolescent Rebellion Event in which character defies parents or similar authority figures, often for the first time, imbuing the moment with significance  
Man vs. Man Transformation: Being cast out Character is forced, against his/her/will, to make a break with people, places or things of origin  
Man vs. Society Transformation: Fall from grace A character falls from previously high stature either as a result of their own mistakes, other characters' machinations or circumstances  
Man vs. Self Transformation: Leaving home Character makes break with people, places or things of origin  
Man vs. Self Transformation: Maturation Plot/Coming of Age A story featuring an adolescent making the mental leap from child to adult  
Man vs. Self Transformation: Other Any other plot device or story pattern involving the evolution or mitosis of a person, place or thing  
Man vs. Self Transformation: Rags to riches Character of poor or modest economic standing becomes wealthy and successful  
Man vs. Self Transformation: Reinvention Character "reinvents" self or changes his/her identity, frequently due to efforts to move beyond the past or an aspiration to be someone or something else  
Man vs. Nature Transformation: Resurrection Character returns from the dead or is revealed to be alive after being presumed dead  
Man vs. Man Transformation: Role Reversal Two characters swap roles, positions or characteristics Often gain greater understanding of each other's challenges
Man vs. Self Transformation: Sympathetic ("good") character turns unsympathetic ("bad") Previously heroic character (including sidekicks, team members, colleagues, etc. on the side of "good") joins the villainous side  
Man vs. Self Transformation: The Big Idea Character comes up with an idea that he/she believes will earn a lot of money and/or change the world; frequently this leads to the founding or an organization or team to pursue the initiative  
Man vs. Self Transformation: Unsympathetic ("bad") character turns sympathetic ("good") Previously villainous character (including sidekicks, team members, colleagues, etc. on the side of "bad") joins the heroic side  
Man vs. Self Transformation: Wish Fulfillment Plot is driven by a character's journey to fulfill a fantasy or achieve a profound and singular desire  
Man vs. Man Truth: Concealment of past  Character lies about his/her past or conceals past events/actions/roles that either have legal ramifications or are embarrassing/undesirable to the character  
Man vs. Man Truth: Deception Plot is driven by trickery or deception such as a fake illness, injury or weakness  
Man vs. Man Truth: Faked death Character fakes his/her own death or the death of another character  
Man vs. Society Truth: False Accusation/Innocent Man A character is wrongfully accused of a crime and struggles to clear his or her name  
Man vs. Man Truth: Hidden or Unknown identity Character's true identity is either intentionally concealed by someone or is unknown to the character him/herself  
Man vs. Man Truth: Manipulation / using other characters as pawns A character manipulates other characters into unknowingly helping to achieve the manipulator's objective The manipulator can be a hero or a villain
Man vs. Man Truth: Other Any other plot device or story pattern involving distortion or concealment of knowledge or information  
Man vs. Man Truth: Sexual Identity/Orientation Plot is driven by the concealing, revealing, or other events relating to sexual identity or sexual orientation  
Man vs. Self Truth: Traumatic Past Character has a traumatic past that is eventually revealed  


Occurences which happen within the time space of an episode and which could if necessary be linked to a particular scene or scenes
Assault: Attack without weapon

Violently attack somone in a physical manner, without involving a weapon
Assault: Choke

Violently attack someone in a physical manner by obstructing or limiting the recipient's breathing
Assault: Kidnap/Abduct

Transport or take someone away illegally by force and against the recipient's will
Assault: Rape

Commit unlawful sexual activity that is carried out either forcibly/under threat of injury against the will of the recipient or with a person who is beneath a certain age/otherwise incapable of valid consent
  Assault: Shoot -- Accidental
Unintentionally discharge a firearm or similar weapon, typically wounding or killing the recipient
Assault: Shoot -- Intentional

Intentionally discharge a firearm or similar weapon, typically wounding or killing the recipient
Assault: Stab

Violently attack someone in a physical manner, using a knife or other sharp object at close range
Assault: Torture

Inflict severe physical pain on someone either as a punishment, to compel them to do or say something or for the pleasure of the initiator
Audition or Tryout

Engage in an abbreviated sample performance to showcase one's ability and talents in order to Interview for a particular role or job as a actor, dancer, musician, etc.

Make something free from dirt, marks, messes, etc.; convert something, often waste, into new/reusable material; repair or renovate so as to return something to a former or original condition
Communication: Argue

Exchange reasons supporting opposing views, typically in an angry manner
Communication: Bully or Threaten

Frighten, hurt, intimidate or say that you will harm someone, typically a weaker opponent
Communication: Give Instructions or Orders

Provide authoritative directions to do something
Communication: Give Speech

Deliver a formal address, discourse or expression of ideas to an audience
Communication: Interrogate

Ask a recipient questions in a thorough and often aggressive manner
Communication: Kiss

Touch with the lips, typically as an expression of love, friendship or sexual desire; in some cultures or circumstances, can be used as a form of greeting or respect
Communication: Plan, Plot, Strategize or Conspire

Devise a plot (sometimes secretly) to execute some action or series of actions in order to achieve a goal; this plan often, but not always, involves actions that are illegal or harmful to others
Communication: Reprimand or Chastise

Rebuke or scold a recipient
Communication: Slander, Besmirch or Defame

Make a damaging (and often false) statement about someone, typically resulting in some degree of destruction of the recipient's reputation
Confession: Come Out of Closet

Publicly announce one's sexual preference that one has kept hidden from certain (or all) people
Confession: Make Criminal Confession

Make a statement admitting that initiator (and/or possibly others as well)  is/are guilty of a crime
Confession: Make Personal Confession (General)

Make an intimate revelation about one's private life, desires, occupation or past
Crime: Bribe

Persuade a recipient to carry out some action, typically illegally or dishonestly, by a gift or promise of money or other inducement
Crime: Commit Robbery

Take property illegally from a recipient, group of recipients or place by force/violence/threats
Crime: Hold for Ransom/Extort/Blackmail

Get or ask for something (usually money) through force, intimidation, kidnapping or  threating to reveal compromising information about the recipient

Produce tears, often accompanied by loud sounds, usually as an expression of distress, pain or powerful emotion
Dating: Break Up

End a romantic relationship
Can have an initiator and recipient or just two participants
  Dating: Go on a Date Participate in a romantic appointment or engagement; go out with  
  Dating: Go on First Date Participate in a romantic engagement with a recipient or co-participant for the first time  
  Dating: Move in Together Begin living in the same place of residence as someone with whom one is romantically involved  
  Death: Attempt Suicide Attempt to kill oneself through self-inflicted injury without achieving a fatal outcome (this tag should also be used when the outcome of a suicide attempt is unknown or not yet known)  
  Death: Commit Suicide Intentionally and successfully attempt to kill oneself  
  Death: Die Accidentally Have one's life ended due to an unintentionally fatal action/choice/mistake carried out by oneself or another agent, or because of an incidental occurance  
  Death: Die of Natural Causes Have one's life ended due to an illness or an internal malfunction of the body not directly influenced by external forces  
  Death: Have Near Death Experience Have something happen which almost ends one's life but does not  
  Death: Murder Illegally kill a recipient that initiator has planned to kill  
  Deliver a Verdict Declare a decision or judgement on a disputed issue; typically applies to either criminal or civil legal cases  
  Economic: Earn $ Receive money in return for work or services  
  Economic: Find $ Discover money by chance  
  Economic: Go Bankrupt Become financially insolvent or financially ruined, usually resulting in property being taken away to satisfy creditors  
  Economic: Inherit $ Receive money, property or other assets as an heir from someone who has died  
  Economic: Lose Home Cease to have a place to live, frequently due to bankruptcy  
  Economic: Win $ Get or secure money as a result of a contest, fight, bet or similar endeavor  
  Family: Adopt Legally take someone else's child and bring it up as part of initiator's family  
  Get Drunk Drink so much alcohol as to lose control of one's faculties to the point where ordinary activities become challenging  
  Get into Accident (Car, Boat, etc.) A vehicular incident, typically a crash, that is usually unplanned and unintentional, most often causing damage or injury  
  Get, Rescue, Adopt or Save an Animal Acquire an animal with the intention of providing better care, a better situation and/or a better home than the animal had previously  
  Legal: Appear in Court Officially participate in some form of legal proceeding (face trial, testify, etc)  
  Legal: Arrest Seize and keep a recipient, frequently a criminal, under the power of the law  
  Legal: Be Released/Bailed Out (Of Jail) Be allowed to leave jail either by posting bail or having the legal charges dropped  
  Loss: Go Missing (Person) Disappear Often, but not always, this happens without explanation
  Loss: Lose (Thing) Misplace/be unable to find an item of interest  
  Marriage: Accept a Proposal Agree to an offer of marital engagement by a suitor  
  Marriage: Get Cold Feet Lose nerve or confidence in the idea of getting married to a particular person  
  Marriage: Get Divorced Legally end one's marriage Can have an initiator and recipient or just two participants
  Marriage: Get Married Legally or formally enter into a recognized union of two people as life partners  
  Marriage: Propose Make an offer of marital engagement to someone  
  Marriage: Reject a Proposal Reject an offer of marital engagement by a suitor  
  Marriage: Separate Make an arrangement by which a couple remain married but effectively live separate lives and typically live apart; can be on a temporary or long-term basis  
  Medical: Come out of Coma Awaken from an extended unconscious state, usually caused by serious injury or illness  
  Medical: Enter Coma Go into an extended unconscious state, usually caused by serious injury or illness  
  Medical: Get Sick or Be Diagnosed with Illness Exhibit symptoms of sickness or learn of a previously unknown disease/condition  
  Meeting: Be introduced Meet, come into contact with or become aware of another character for the first time The introduction needs to be important or meaningful
  Meeting: Be reunited Come together with another character after a period of long separation  
  Meeting: Have chance meeting Have an unplanned but significant or potentially significant encounter with another character  
  Perform Entertain an audience, typically by carrying out an activity that requires training or skill Audience can be one person or a large group
  Pregnancy: Discover Pregnancy Discover that one is pregnant with a child  
  Pregnancy: Give Birth Bear a live child  
  Pregnancy: Have Abortion Undergo a medical procedure that intentionally ends a human pregnancy  
  Pregnancy: Have Complications Experience health problems or symptoms that occur during and as a result of pregnancy Can involve the mother's health, the baby's health, or both. 
  Pregnancy: Have Miscarriage Experience a condition that ends a pregnancy before a fetus is able to survive independently; typically occurs spontaneously or due to some kind of accident  
  Receive an Award Receive a prize or other symbol of recognition, usually due to having achieved, accomplished or won something  
  Recreation: Go for Run Run for the purpose of exercise  
  Recreation: Go for Walk Walk for the purpose of exercise, recreation or for therapeutic reasons  
  Recreation: Go to Movie Go to a movie theater to watch a film  
  Recreation: Go to Restaurant Go to a dining establishment to eat, drink and/or socialize  
  Recreation: Party, Revel or Carouse Attend a party or other lively gathering; often includes drinking and music  
  Recreation: Play Game Engage in a form of play, sport or contest for recreational and/or competitive purposes; typically includes specific rules and methods  
  Recreation: Unspecified Engage in some general form of fun or enjoyable activity  
  Sex Engage in sexual activity beyond merely kissing  
  Sex: Lose Virginity Engage in sexual intercourse for the first time  
  Take Drugs Consume illicit drugs or use unprescribed and controlled substances   
  Workplace: Fire Dismiss an employee (the recipient) from recipient's job or position  
  Workplace: Hire Agree to begin employing somone in exchange for payment or compensation  
  Workplace: Pass over for promotion Fail to give one employee (the recipient) a  promotion in favor of another candidate  
  Workplace: Promote Change someone's professional position within the workplace to a higher role or rank  
  Role in Action Contribution to an action or event by a particular character Tagged to individual characters and events. Multiple characters can have the same role in a single event
  Initiator Character who causes an action or event to occur  
  Recipient Character who is impacted by an action or event initiated by another character  
  Participant Character who takes part in a particular action or event  
  Accomplice/Accessory Character who helps or contributes to an action or event that is primarily caused by another character  
  Bystander/Witness/Audience Character who sees or is present for an action or event but is not directly involved  
  Role Unclear Character whose role in an action is not immediately clear in the context of the scene  
  Character Traits Aspects of characters' personalities which are indicated by the things they say or do Distinct from temporary emotions or feelings of characters which result from specific events or interactions but are not part of the underlying personality of the character


Adventurous Inclined or willing to engage in new experiences or try dangerous/exciting things.  
Neutral Ambitious Having or demonstrating a strong desire to succeed in some capacity (fame, achievement, weath, etc.)  
Neutral Apathetic/Removed/Impassive Showing or having little or no emotion, interest or concern  
Neutral Awkward Not smooth or graceful; lacking skill or ease  
Neutral Calm/Even-tempered Not showing or feeling nervousness, excitement, anger, or other similar emotions; tranquil  
Positive Charismatic/Polished Exercising a compelling charm or appeal with the power to attract or inspire others  
Neutral Chaste Not having sexual intercourse, or not having extramarital sexual intercourse  
Negative Cold/Aloof/Unfriendly Not friendly, amicable or forthcoming; lacking warmth; cool and distant  
Positive Confident Feeling or showing that one can do something well or succeed; self-assured  
Positive Convincing/Persuasive Good at causing someone to do something or believe something is true, frequently by using reasoning or temptation  
Netural Cool/Popular Liked, admired, or enjoyed by many people or within a particular group; sometimes associated with calmness or nonchalance  
Negative Corrupt Having or demonstrating a willingness to act in a dishonest or morally degenerate fasion  
Positive Courageous/Brave/Fearless Not deterred by danger, pain or feeling afraid  
Negative Cowardly/Fearful/Timid Lacking courage, boldness and confidence; feeling or showing that one is afraid in a way that makes it difficult to do what is right, expected or needed  
Negative Crazy/Psychotic/Insane/Unhinged Mad or mentally disordered/deranged, often manifesting strange, wild or aggressive behaviour and/or believing things that are not true  
Neutral Creative/Imaginative/Artistic/Inventive Having a powerful imagination and/or the ability to generate original ideas, frequently in the production, arrangement or execution of novel or artistic work  
Positive Decisive Having or demonstrating the ability to make choices quickly, confidently and effectively  
Negative Dependent/Needy Needing someone or something for help, support or attention, in a financial, emotional, or other capacity  
Positive Diligent/Hardworking Putting in considerable effort/energy and showing care and conscientiousness in one's work or duties  
Negative Disloyal/Untrustworthy/Dishonest/Deceptive/Deceitful/Disingenous Failing able to be reliably honest, supportive or truthful; misleading others by providing an untrue or insincere impression  
Negative Effusive/Gushing Expressing or speaking with great enthusiasm, emotion, pleasure, or approval in an excessive or unrestrained manner  
Positive Empathetic/Compassionate/Sympathetic/Understanding/
Feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others, including those who are in bad or challenging situations; willingness or ability to see things from others' perspectives  
Negative Evil/Cruel/Immoral Morally bad and malevolent, frequently involving hurting others willfully and with no remorse  
Positive Friendly/Outgoing Kind, helpful, pleasant or socially confident; typically describes individuals who enjoy being around others  
Positive Funny/Amusing/Humorous Causing laughter, comedy and enjoyment; having a good sense of humor  
Positive Generous/Giving/Charitable Going above and beyond  to give more of something, such as money, time or valuable possessions, than is strictly necessary or expected, often to people who are poor, sick, etc.  
Positive Good/Kind/Moral Holding or conforming to high, lofty and correct principles for proper conduct, including helping and bringing happiness to others  
Negative Greedy/Stingy Having or showing an intense and selfish desire to keep or obtain something, especially wealth, power or other material possessions  
Negative Grouchy/Ill-tempered/Irritable Having a tendency to be bad-tempered, easily annoyed or made angry  
Positive Humble/Modest/Self-effacing Lacking excessive pride or having a low estimate of one's own importance; not thinking one is better than others  
Neutral Idealistic Placing ideals ahead of practical considerations and aiming for an unrealistic degree of perfection  
Negative Indecisive/Spineless/Weak-willed Uncertain and irresolute; lacking the courage and strength to make decisions quickly and effectively or to restrain one's own impulses  
Positive Independent/Self-sufficient Not depending on or subject to control by others; not relying on another person for livelihood or subsistence  
Negative Insecure/Self-critical/Self-conscious Not confident or assured in oneself or one's abilities; nervous, embarrased uncertain and anxious, particularly regarding what other people might think  
Positive Intelligent/Smart/Insightful Having the ability to easily acquire new skills or learn new things  
Neutral Irreverent/Impertinent/Cheeky Having or showing rudeness towards/a lack of respect for people or things that are generally taken seriously, sometimes  in a playful or amusing way  
Negative Jealous/Envious Feeling or showing envy, rivalry or hostility towards someone for his or her achievements, advantages or possessions  
Negative Lazy/Slothful Not liking to work hard, move quickly or use energy  
Positive Lighthearted/Easygoing Cheerful, carefree and relaxed; free from anxiety or seriousness  
Neutral Logical/Rational/Analytical/Methodical Sensible or characterized by clear, sound reasoning, including prowess in analysis and evaluating things in an organized manner  
Positive Loyal/Trustworthy/Honest/Faithful Having or showing complete, reliable and constant support of or allegiance to something or someone; deserving trust  
Negative Manipulative/Calculating/Scheming Prone to having secret, selfish and carefully plotted schemes, often involving dishonest control of a situation or person  
None N/A    
Negative Naive/Impressionable Innocent and unaffected, to the point of being easily influenced or impressed due to lack of experience or knowledge  
Negative Nervous/Neurotic/Anxious/Paranoid Easily and frequently worried, afraid, agitated or alarmed; often incorrectly anticipating harm  
Neutral Opportunistic/Strategic Exploiting opportunities offered by immediate circumstances, frequently in pursuit of one's general, long-term plan or goal, without regard for moral principles or consequences  
Positive Optimistic/Positive Hopeful and confident that good things will happen and desires will be fulfilled in the future  
Positive Passionate Having or showing  strong feelings, emotions or beliefs  
Neutral Perky/Bubbly/Ebullient/Exuberant Happy, cheerful, enthusiastic and lively  
Positive Personable/Charming Friendly, pleasant and appealing in manner  
Negative Pessimistic/Negative Lacking hope and believing that the worst will happen; tending to see the bad in everything  
Neutral Pious/Devout/Fervent Deeply religious; committed, loyal and intensely devoted to a particular religion  
Neutral Polished/Sophisticated Refined; having, demonstrating, or proceeding from significant worldly knowledge and experience, usually of culture, fashion, art, etc.  
Neutral Promiscuous Not limited to one sexual partner; having many, sometimes transient, sexual relationships  
Neutral Protective Having or showing a strong desire to keep someone or something safe from harm, loss, etc.  
Negative Proud/Conceited/Haughty/Pompous/Arrogant Thinking one is more important than others or otherwise superior; having excessive pride or an excessively high opinion of one's worth; often demonstrating an affected attitude consistent with these conceptions  
Positive Reflective/Thoughtful/Wise Tending to think carefully and in a deep or serious manner; having or showing knowledge and good judgment, often due to experience  
Neutral Reserved/Shy Not open with feelings, emotions, or opinions; feeling bashful, nervous or uncomfortable in the company of other people  
Positive Resolute/Steadfast/Determined Displaying resolve, devotion and strong feelings about the need to accomplish something without letting anything or anyone stand in the way  
Negative Ruthless/Agressive/Hostile/Competitive Pursuing one's aims and interests in a forceful, antagonistic and attacking manner, often lacking compassion or mercy due to a deep desire to prevail  
Negative Sarcastic/Cynical Prone to using derision and irony in order to mock or convey contempt; distrustful and contemptuous  
Negative Secretive/Guarded Disposed to carefully conceal feelings and intentions to keep others from knowning what one is thinking  
Negative Self-centered/Narcissistic Preoccupied with oneself and one's affairs, to the point of ignoring the needs and feelings of others; often accompanied by an obsession or fascination with oneself  
Neutral Sensitive/Sentimental/Emotional Excessively prone to being influenced by or demonstrating feelings of tenderness, sadness, extreme emotion or nostalgia  
Negative Severe/Stern/Strict Harsh, disapproving, serious, unfriendly; overly obsessed with rules and behavioral standards  
Negative Slow-witted/Stupid/Dense Lacking intelligence, learning ability or common sense  
Negative Stubborn/Argumentative/Rigid/Confrontational Having or showing unwavering determination to argue, disagree and to refuse to change one's attitude, behavior or position on things  
Neutral Unconventional/Idiosyncratic Distinct from what is generally done, accepted or believed; not traditional; unpredictable, peculiar or specific to an individual  
Negative Uncool/Nerdy/Geeky

Situational Setting


Not sophisticated or relaxed; awkward, unpopular or contemptible in nature; lacking social skills; extremely studious/technical

Backdrop against which characters perform actions

Relationships depicted between characters

This will typically be tagged on an episodic basis and linked to storyline; it will not be tagged to specific agents or characters