Identifying Objects in Images

The purpose of this task is to accurately identify man-made objects in an image or video clip.  The tasks take on slightly different forms.  You may be asked to identify specific objects, such as Fashion Accessories, or provide more information about certain objects, such as the make and model of a car, or the style of a dress.  In all cases, the choices are presented to you, and you need only select from the available choices.  If none of the listed objects are present, you will have a "None of These" or some similar choice.  Some tasks in this series allow you to select more than one object, some only one.  The selection options will be clear in the task interface. 

The task will also allow you to review your answers before submitting the HIT, which helps you if you realize half way through that you want to change an answer from a previous image. 

Thanks for tagging with Tagasauris.  We hope it's a fun and rewarding experience!