Tagging Main Subject

Describe what the image is about in 3 words. Choose wisely! Describe what is unique or notable about the image.

Forbidden Tags - DO NOT USE

  • Filler words - these are words that don't say anything about the image. Avoid tags like: image, lighting, photograph, etc.
  • Background elements - focus on the foreground and do not describe the background. Avoid tags like: tree, person, car, etc. when they are in the background.
  • Meaningless details - do not tag meaningless details. Avoid tags like: nose, hair, finger, etc. when they are not the main focus of the image.
  • People related concepts - do not tag the age, gender, or ethnicity of people in the image.
  • People names - do not tag the names of people you recognize.
  • Color - do not tag colors, black and white, or monochromatic.
  • Photo orientation - do not specify the orientation of the image. Avoid tags: horizontal, panoramic, square, vertical.
  • Categories - avoid the following categories: indoors/outdoors, day/night, face/no face.


Caption: Businessman talking on headset

Forbidden Tag Terms
Chair, Door, Hair, Human, Man, Nose, Person, Shirt, Tooth
Face, Horizontal, Indoors, Photograph, White, Blue, African American

Great Tag Terms

Business, Businessman, Call center, Communication, Confidence, Convenience, Cubicle, Customer service, Happy, Hands-free device, Headset, Helping, Listening, Office, Outsourcing, Phone, Posing, Pride, Sitting, Smiling, Talking, Technical support, Technology, Telemarketing, Telephone, Working

Caption: Artifical sunbaths for the children: At the Institut d'Actinologie at Paris, one of the principal treatments is the artificial sunlight for children suffering from rickets or other maladies common to city children unable to have the healing rays of the sun. This youngster has been under the raying of the ultra-violet mercury arc for nearly half an hour, but seems none the less happy.

Forbidden Tag Terms
Arm, Building, Dress, Hair, Human, Lady, Metal, Monochromatic photography, Nose, Shoes, Wall, Wallpaper, Watch, Wood, Woman, Clock, Black and white, Caucasian, Female, Horizontal, Indoors, Infant, Male, Photograph

Great Tag Terms
Artificial sunlight, 
Blindfold, Caregiver, Chair, Eye protection, Healthcare, Illness, Innocence, Light, Love, Mother, Nurse, Nurture, Parenting, Patience, Rickets, Sitting, Standing, Stool, Sun tanning, Therapy, Treatment, Trust, Ultraviolet, Vitamin D, Vitamin deficiency