Transcribe and Summarize captions

The purpose of this task is to transcribe the caption information visible in the image and summarise it in a sentence.

There are three data inputs that we are looking for in this task.

  1. Name/s of people mentioned in the caption
  2. Location the of the image
  3. The context of what the named people are doing at the location.

Some captions may make sense and have all this information already in which case transcribe word for word. However for truncated captions or photographer assignment sheets (a brief that is given to the photographer prior to the shoot) often have additional information

Data Point 1 - Name 

Data Point 2 - Location

Data point 3 - Context

If there is no caption information at all please write "NO Caption" and submit. 

Please familiarize with the task by reading the instructions and viewing the examples below.

The caption information that is desired in this task is to find the who?, the what? and the where? Although you may not be presented with all of this information.


To save yourself time and effort please note the following
  • Do NOT transcribe photographer name. e.g. Corn/Staff, Photo by corn, CORN PHOTO etc
  • Do NOT transcribe photograph date.
  • Do NOT transcribe order number or scanner number

  • Some captions may be handwritten, make sure what you transcribe makes sense, it may be just a name.
  • If the caption presented to you is in the form of an Article only transcribe the first and/or second paragraphs in addition to any headline titl
  • If the caption presented to you is in the form of a Media Release or Photo Release only transcribe the first and/or second paragraphs in addition to any headline title
  • If you spot a spelling mistake please try to correct it, however you will not have work rejected if you fail to spot a spelling mistake and enter words as seen.
Please take time to view the example images below 

In the examples below the areas highlighted in red are what we would expect to be transcribed.