Select Photographer Name

The purpose of this task is to select from a list, a photographer name as shown on the information card. 

Please familiarise yourself with these instructions and examples before commencing the task.

The Information Card is laid out as below 

For this task you only have to transcribe the information following the P: no other information need be transcribed.
P: signifies the Photographer

In this task there is no need to select a Credit. Please select No Credit prior to submitting.

Tag Tips

  • If you start typing the photographer name the list will auto populate with corresponding results. This is a quicker method than actually scrolling through the list to select a photographer.
  • If the photographer name is not on the list please select Photographer Not on List from the drop down menu.
  • If there is no photographer information at all please  select No Photographer.
  • We recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari web browsers. We do not recommend using IE browser.

Example Transcriptions

Photographer = Jim Lavrakas

 Photographer = Erik Hill
 Photographer = Bob Hallinen
 Photographer = Jim Lavrakas