Transcribe Job ID

The Purpose of this task is to transcribe the JOB Id as highlighted in red within the examples below.

The info card is organised as below.


Tag Tips

  • The Job Ids are located in the top left of the image.
  • Job Id's are handwritten. Ensure you have read them correctly.
  • If there is no Job ID available please Transcribe as -  Invalid

Task Tips
  • Use your cursor to create a bounding box around the Job ID in the top left of the image.
  • You will then be presented with a zoomed view of the selected area with a field to Transcribe the Job ID.
  • Once transcribed click submit and move on to the next image.
  • You can navigate and rotate through the images using the toolbox and keyboard shortcuts.
  • When you have completed all images you are able to review and make any corrections prior to submitting.

YouTube Video

 Job ID = 970524-55 

Be aware of confusing handwritten numbers in this instance the 7 could be confused with a 2
 Job ID = 970524-56

Be aware when numbers have been overwritten. 
To determine which is the correct number look for differences in the pen used and writing syle.

In this example the 5 has been overwritten with a 4 as the 4 differs in style to the other numbers.
 Job ID = 970525-5