Adjudicate Bounding Box

The objective of this task is to adjudicate the results of a previous task which was to draw a bounding box containing just the image content.

No white space or other unwanted element from the document should be contained within the box, only the image content(See examples below)

The complete image should be selected. A bounding box should NOT excludes large areas of image content(See examples below)

If the bounding box has been drawn correctly select Correct

If the bounding box has been drawn incorrectly select Incorrect

Select This image is invalid only if the image displayed is an info card, the rear of a photograph or displays no image and just text.


 Correct                                                                             Incorrect                                                                                        

 Correct                                                                             Incorrect                                                          

 Correct                                                                                                             Incorrect                                                                                  

The below are instructions for the creation of the bounding box carried out in the previous task. 

  • Be aware of slightly skewed or rotated images. You may find the image border is within the red bounding box.
  • If you have multiple images presented. Please create a bounding box that effectively bounds all the images with minimum white space and 
unwanted elements.
  • We recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari Browsers. We do not recommend IE Browser

Multiple images in one document