Adjudicate Caption

The purpose of this task is to determine as Correct or Incorrect the results of a previous task to transcribe the Caption displayed on an image. The Caption is highlighted in Red in the Examples below.

Select Correct if the Caption has been transcribed correctly

Select Incorrect if the Caption has not been transcribed correctly

Select This image is invalid if there is no Caption on the info card 

The info card is organised as below.


It is important that you understand what was asked in the task you are voting on please review the instructions below.

Tag Tips

  • The Caption is located in the centre of the image.
  • Captions are handwritten. Ensure you have read them correctly.
  • If there is no Caption available please Transcribe as -  No Caption.
  • Do not transcribe Job ID, Photographer Name, Scan or Order Numbers.

 CAPTION = Rich v W Coast

Be aware of confusing handwritten numbers in this instance the R could be confused with a C
 CAPTION = Western Bulldogs vs Collingwood


 CAPTION = Bulldogs v Nth Melb x2

 CAPTION = 1994 Melbourne Cup