Adjudicate Date

The purpose of this task is to adjudicate the correct date as shown on the information card as transcribed in a previous task.

Ensure that you understand the instructions of the previous task and therefore what you are adjudicating  prior to commencing this task

The Information Card is laid out as below 

For this task you only have to transcribe the information following the S: no other information need be transcribed.
D: signifies the Date.

Tag Tips

  • If there is more than one date shown please transcribe the Earliest Date
  • If there is an incomplete date please select N/a for the section that is missing
  • If there is No date information at all please  select No Date
  • We recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari web browsers. We do not recommend using IE browser.

Example Transcriptions

Date = 11/30/1986

 Date = 12/14/1995
 Date = 03/02/1991
 Date = 12/31/1991