The purpose of this task is to apply a category to each image. Please familiarise yourself with available categories and their definitions below.

Arts & Culture
Depiction of dance, film, literature, music, painting, photography, sculpture, television, and theatre.

Scenes of death, destruction or injury caused by a natural event such as hurricane, tornado, flooding. Includes views of damaged or destroyed buildings.

Showing a device used to transport people, animals or cargo. Includes airplanes, autos, motorcycles, bicycles, unicycles, ships, trains, boats. 
Depiction of actual sporting activity or involvement in watching a sporting event.

Children & Family
Depiction of Children and Family, can include children on their own or in groups

Celebrities & Icons
Depiction of celebrities and personalities from all walks of life.
Civil Rights
Depiction of events, protests, and characters from the US Civil Rights movement.
Musical Groups
Depiction of musical bands and groups. Can also include solo artists.

International Locations
International locations and landmarks. Can be natural or man made locations.

Murder & Crime
Depiction of criminal activities, including crime scenes, courthouses and individuals and relatives effected by crime.

Movies & Entertainment
Depiction of anything related to Film, Television and Entertainment
War & Conflict
Depiction of anything related to war, battle or general conflict (tension and anger between people). Includes acts of terror, armed conflict, civil unrest, massacre, riots, violent demonstrations, and war.

 If the image does not fit in with any pif the categories listed above please select NONE of the Above option 
None of the Above
Depicts none of the above categories