Moderate Images with Title Captions


Please rate the Images with Titles according to the following categories (Tag descriptions are available at the bottom of this page):


  •         Safe Positive
  •        Safe Sensitive
  •        Low Brow
  •        Racy
  •        Unacceptable


Images: Think about how you would rate the image by itself


Title: Think about how you would rate the title by itself


Choosing the right tag:

Please make a decision as to how you would tag the Image and the Title together as a SINGLE entity. Based on the descriptions for each rating label, please choose ONE tag that captures the characteristics of the image and title as a whole.


*TIP: If the image and title do NOT coincide with one another, please categorize the image/title set from the more controversial standpoint


Nothing offensive or controversial in any sense, neutral.

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  • Harmless, e.g., sports and tech content.
  • Content that is positive or happy.
  • Suitable for everyone, family-friendly.


Generally inoffensive, but could be upsetting or angering to some people.

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  • Controversial or serious content (world news, politics, opinion, or health related issues
  • Image subjects appear sad, frustrated, or stressed.
  • Image features odd/unflattering facial expressions or unusual detail.


Designed to appeal to vices; gossip oriented.

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  • Mean spirited or negative ("fails", plastic surgery)
  • Content topics may include inhalants, cigarettes, drugs, weapons
  • Image is mildly sexual or shows cleavage in the context of fashion ("PG-13")
  • Image features strange-looking food, animals, or other subjects.


Overtly sexual or possessing a degree of shock value

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  • Extremely suggestive(hot beach bodies, revealing clothing, sexy selfies)
  • Content topics may include extreme weight loss or salacious subject matter
  • Image focuses on showing bare skin, breasts, bottoms
  • Image is scary, alarming, gross, or shocking


Offensive, obscene, disgusting, or intended to mislead.

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  • Vulgar language or wording is included in the title
  • Content topics may include harm to children, extreme violence, or pornographic subject manager.
  • Image features full nudity, partial nudity, or items that look like genitalia.
  • Image is grotesque, unsettling, or clearly Photoshopped or misleading (ie, dead bodies, extreme injuries)