Select Photographer Name LE

Transcribe Photographer

The purpose of this task is to correctly apply the photographer names displayed in the image. 

If a photographer name is visible but not on the list, select Not on list and add the name to the suggestion field.

If there is no photographer name visible in the imag select No Photographer.

There is no need to add a credit simply select No Credit and Submit.

Tag Tips
  • Photographer names can be shortened to just a last name.
  • Start typing a Photographers name and the list will populate with corresponding entries
  • The Photographer name can be located in a variety of locations look for phrases such as Photographer, Photo by, Pic by, P.
  • Use the rotate function to orientate the image correctly, keyboard shortcuts Rotate Left = [  Rotate Right = ]
  • Mouse over image to zoom.



PHOTOGRAPHER = No Photographer

You may find it useful to familiarise yourself with Photographer Names

Lawrence Smith

Mike Haskey

Roger A. Hart

Seth O. Grant

Phillip Wartena

Robin Trimarchi

Joseph Paull

Michael J. Foster

Gregory Joe Maher

Kinfe Moroti

Cathy Clarke

Nicholas Tomecek

Shannon Szwarc

Diana Taylor

Alan Keene

Joseph Schwartz

Larry Cutchall

Michael Mercier

Denise Wilkerson

Allen Horne

Al Alexander

Joe Maher

Roger Allen Grigg

Rod Whitted

Richard Thomason

Lashinda Clark

Larry Daily

Sherri LaRose

Ken Hawkins

Ed Ellis

Jimmie Romo

Phillip Sheffield

Alex Persons

M.H. McCutchen

Spencer Awbrey

John Wangle

Jim Adams

Albert Edwards

Charles Nix

Michelle Yee