Determine if the people in the image are interacting with one another

The purpose of this task is to determine whether the people in the image are interacting with one another.

Interaction is the concept of two or more people engaging with one another.

Examples might include an image of people talking together or a mother and child participating in an activity.

However simply because there may be more than one person in an image it does not necessarily mean that the image can be tagged with interaction.

The tag should NOT be applied where a person is interacting with an object or simply within an environment with other people

The below 6 images are examples of images where people are NOT interacting with one another, they are simply sharing a common environment.

Hint and Tips

When looking at the images ask yourself the following.

Are the people in the image sharing an emotion? 

are they happy? are they conveying enthusiasm, affection? if the answer to this is yes, then they are interacting.

Similarly they could be collectively sharing a negative emotion. Grief, rejection or hate.

Follow the eyes!

Look at where people are looking. 
If the people in the image are looking in the same direction it can be a good indicator (though not always) that they are engaged and interacting together.