Transcribe Caption

The Purpose of this task is to transcribe the Caption as highlighted in red within the examples below.

The info card is organised as below.

Tag Tips

  • The Caption is located in the centre of the image.
  • Captions are handwritten. Ensure you have read them correctly.
  • If there is no Caption available please Transcribe as -  No Caption.
  • Do not transcribe Job ID, Photographer Name, Scan or Order Numbers.

Task Tips
  • Use your cursor to create a bounding box around theCaption in the image.
  • You will then be presented with a zoomed view of the selected area with a field to Transcribe the Caption.
  • Once transcribed click submit and move on to the next image.
  • You can navigate and rotate through the images using the toolbox and keyboard shortcuts.
  • When you have completed all images you are able to review and make any corrections prior to submitting.

YouTube Video

 CAPTION = Rich v W Coast

Be aware of confusing handwritten numbers in this instance the R could be confused with a C
 CAPTION = Western Bulldogs vs Collingwood


 CAPTION = Bulldogs v Nth Melb x2

 CAPTION = 1994 Melbourne Cup