Transcribe Earliest Date

Transcribe Earliest Date

The purpose of this task is to identify and transcribe the earliest date in the image.

Transcribe earliest date you can see in the format MM/DD/YYYY (10/23/1962).

If there a date is incomplete please fill please select N/a for appropriate field

The info cards are organised as below.



Tag Tips

  • For months you can start typing the month name and options will appear or you can use the number associated with that month e.g. 9 = September.
  • The image date can be identified with the word 'Date' and on occasion simply the letter 'D'  
  • If the date is incomplete, enter the values that are known. Select N/a for any unknown values.
  • If you can't see a Date, click the No Date button.
We recommend Chrome, Firefox and Safari Browsers. We do not recommend IE Browser.

  March 13 1996

03 03 1996

Use the Date stamped on the Caption


February 19 N/a

02 19 N/a

The only available date is shown in the run date and is incomplete with no year shown. For Year N/a should be selected.
 April 2 1997

04 04 1997

Use the Date stamped on the Caption