Transcribe Earliest Date WE Prints

Please Note the instructions below are for 2 separate tasks Transcribing Earliest Date and Adjudicate Dates. 

To complete the adjudicate date HIT you need to understand what workers were instructed to do previously.

Transcribe Earliest Date.

The purpose of this task is to identify and transcribe the earliest date in the image.

Transcribe earliest date you can see in the format MM/DD/YYYY (10/23/1962).
 Adjudicate Date

The Purpose of this task is to adjudicate the correct date as entered by previous workers. Select the correct date and Submit.

Tag Tips

  • For months you can start typing the month name and options will appear or you can use the number associated with that month e.g. 9 = September.
  • The image date can be identified with the word 'Date' and on occasion simply the letter 'D' . 
  • Look on both sides of the image for date information.
  • If the date is incomplete, enter the values that are known. For any values that are not known select N/a prior to submitting.
  • If you can't see a Date, click the No Date button
  • We Recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari Browsers. We do not recommend IE.
  •  Please look at the examples below and tag tips to the left to familiarise yourself with the task that you are adjudicating.
  • If none of the dates are correct please enter No Date. 
  • If there is no date on the image and a previous worker has entered Na/Na/Na please select that option.


Identify the earliest Date
This is an image that will be used in a March 11th 1984 story however the photograph itself
was taken on the night of the performance  March 13, 1983. This is the date we require. 

In the below example you can see the front and back of the print we select the the earliest date
In this example Sept 8, 1989

Transcribe available date information
In the above example the only information we have is the day and the Month and no year.
Therefore Month = October Day=  04 Year = N/a