Transcribe Photo Captions

The purpose of this task is to transcribe the caption information visible either on the front or back of the image.

If there is caption information on both sides, preference should be given to caption information beneath the image rather than on the rear of the photo as in the example below. 


Ask yourself if the caption you have transcribed makes sense in the context of the image.

The caption information that is desired in this task is to find the who?, the what? and the where? Although you may not be presented with all of this information.

see further down for more examples and TAG TIPS.


To save yourself time and effort please note the following
  • Do NOT transcribe photographer name. e.g. Corn/Staff, Photo by corn, CORN PHOTO etc
  • Do NOT transcribe photograph date.
  • Do NOT transcribe order or scan numbers
  • Do NOT transcribe any stamp marks (e.g. EDITORIAL ENGRAVING INSTRUCTIONS)

  • Often the caption is handwritten, make sure what you transcribe makes sense, it may be just a name.
  • Handwritten captions often contain the following info D - (the Date of the Picture) S -  (The Scene THIS IS THE CAPTION) and P- (Photographer). Only transcribe the words that follows S
  • The caption information can sometimes be visible on a Clipping from a newspaper article that is attached to the back of the photo
  • If the caption presented to you is in the form of a long Article only transcribe the first and/or second paragraphs.
  • If the caption presented to you is in the form of a Media Release or Photo Release only transcribe the first and/or second paragraphs.
  • If you spot a spelling mistake please try to correct it, however you will not have work rejected if you fail to spot a spelling mistake and enter words as seen.

In the HIT window you will be provided with 2 images and a text entry field.
You can switch between the 2 images by clicking in the right window.

Mousing over the centre window will zoom the image. 
Using the [ keystroke will rotate the center image LEFT
Using the ] keystroke will rotate the center image RIGHT
Rotating the image will make reading the caption easier.

If there is no caption information on either image please write "NO Caption" and submit. 


 In the example left we would transcribe D H Becker Int Nat Bank.

The back of this photograph has an article attached. You do not  need to Transcribe the entire article only the first paragraph which contains most importantly the name of the people pictured.
So in this example we would NOT Transcribe By ALAN SCHROEDER Staff Writer.

We would transcribe the area highlighted in red below
Eighteen years is a long time for any singing duo to stay together especially when the members are only 23 and 24 years old. Linda and Allan Young could be described as one of Kansas's busiest brother and sister vocal acts. Saturday they will entertain for the Emerald Ball scheduled at 9p.m. at Cotillion Ballroom

 Skaggs, Ricky country singer