Transcribe Photographer and Credit

The purpose of this task is to accurately transcribe photographer names and credit of the photograph.

You can view both front and backs of the Photos to gather the information required.

If a Photographer Name is visible but not in the drop down list, select Not in list and add a suggestion.

If Photographer name is present in the drop down list please select Wichita Eagle as Credit  

If a Credit is visible but not in the drop down list, select Not in list and add a suggestion.

If there is no photographer name on either image select No Photographer

If there is no credit name on either image select No Credit

Tag Tips

Photographer Name

  • The photographer name is often stamped on the Photograph
 Photographer = Ken Mantyla

  • The Stamp can be cut off. If you familiarise yourself with the photographer names you may be able to identify the Photographer
 Photographer = Dave Williams
  • The Photographer name can often be located after the phrase photo by......  or pic by.......
  • The Photographer name can also be referred to as Byline
  • Photographer names can sometimes be shortened to just a last name e.g. Brian Corn should be selected from the drop-down menu for photo by corn


  • Credits to look out for are AP Associated Press, UPI, Reuters
  • You may see text strings such as - Picture by John Doe/Reuters the Credit here would be Reuters.
  • Often the you will be presented with a Credit Stamp or the Credit may be written into caption data. Such as below where (AP LASERPHOTO) identifies this as an AP Associated Press photo
 Credit = AP Associated Press