This tasks consists of moderating tags entered by other workers to describe images. For each tag, you must determine if the tag accuretly describes the image. Keep in mind that the purpose of these tags is to improve the findability of the images. So, when making a judegement about the accuracy of a tag, consider whether that tag would be useful in a search. For example, if an image has the tag 'tree' and if you did a search for 'tree', would it be accurate for that image to show up in the search results? For best results, follow these steps:

  1. Read the caption if one is provided to get additional information about the context.
  2. Each small grey square displayed towards the bottom of the page represents one tag for that image that must be moderated.
  3. For each tag, read the tag term and definition provided. Make a judgement from the following choices:
    1. Click the green button if the tag and its definition provide an accurate description for the image.
    2. Click on the orange button if only the tag (but not its definition) provides an accurate description for the image.
    3. Click on the red button if the tag and its definition don't provide an accurate description for the image.
  4. As you moderate, the grey squares are updated to colored squares based on how you voted. For example, if you clicked on the green button for a particular tag, the square for that tag will turn green.

Tag Moderation Guidelines
When making a judgement about the accuracy of a tag, keep in mind that the tags must describe features that are unique or notable about the image, including: objects, events, places, concepts, interests, emotions, actions, etc.

Great Tag Terms

  • Bedroom, Celebration, Conflict, Dog, Failure, Humor, Ice cream, Laughter, Motion, Play, Rain, Risk, Romance, Sitting, Smile, Solitude, Success, Swimming, Tudor architecture, Vacation, Walking, Wind, etc.

Forbidden Tag Terms (captured in other Tagasauris tasks)

  • Filler words: Image, Lighting, Photograph, etc.
  • Categories: Indoors or Outdoors, Day or Night, Face or No Face
  • People Related Subjects: Age, Gender, or Ethnicity
  • Photo Orientation: Horizontal, Panoramic, Square, or Vertical
  • Color: Black and white, Red, Yellow, etc.


Caption: Businessman talking on headset

Right Tag, Right Definition
Business, Businessman, Call center, Communication, Confidence, Convenience, Cubicle, Customer service, Happy, Hands-free device, Headset, Helping, Listening, Office, Outsourcing, Phone, Posing, Pride, Sitting, Smiling, Talking, Technical support, Technology, Telemarketing, Telephone, Working, Chair (A chair is a raised surface used to sit on, commonly for use by one person...) 

Right Tag, Wrong Definition
Chair (The chairman is the highest officer of an organized group such as a board, committee, or deliberative assembly...)  - notice that 'Chair' with the correct definition is listed above in the 'Right Tag, Right Definition' section

Wrong Tag, Wrong Definition
Tree, Nature, Pessimism, Kitchen - any tags that clearly don't describe the image should be voted as 'Wrong Tag, Wrong Definition'

African American, Blue, Face, Horizontal, Indoors, Male, Photograph, White, Young adult - any of the forbidden tags should be voted as 'Wrong Tag, Wrong Definition'

Caption: Artifical sunbaths for the children: At the Institut d'Actinologie at Paris, one of the principal treatments is the artificial sunlight for children suffering from rickets or other maladies common to city children unable to have the healing rays of the sun. This youngster has been under the raying of the ultra-violet mercury arc for nearly half an hour, but seems none the less happy.

Right Tag, Right Definition
Artificial sunlight, Blindfold, Caregiver, Chair, Clock, Eye protection, Healthcare, Illness, Innocence, Light, Love, Mother, Nurse, Nurture, Parenting, Patience, Rickets, Sitting, Standing, Stool, Sun tanning, Therapy, Treatment, Trust, Ultraviolet, Vitamin D, Vitamin deficiency

Wrong Tag, Wrong Definition
Arm, Building, Dress, Hair, Human, Metal, Nose, Shoes, Wall, Wallpaper, Watch, Wood - any tags that don't refer to the main subject(s) or action(s) of the image should be voted as 'Wrong Tag, Wrong Definition'

Black and white, Caucasian, Female, Horizontal, Indoors, Infant, Male, Mid adult, Photograph - any of the forbidden tags should be voted as 'Wrong Tag, Wrong Definition'